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Driving School Offering Full Certificate Programs Including Digital Learning & One-On-One Sessions With Instructors


Certified & Reputed Driving School Serving Niagara Falls, St CatHarines & Welland

C & C Driver Training

C&C Driver Training specializes in a comprehensive suite of certification courses and training packages for drivers across multiple skill levels.

We have been in the industry for close to three decades and serve a diverse clientele across Welland, Niagara Falls & St. Catharines in Ontario. We are a certified driving school, and our courses are fully approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

What We Offer

Whether you are a new and aspiring driver looking for formal training to earn your driver’s license or a seasoned professional keen to upgrade your skills, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Our all-inclusive courses combine the perfect blend of digital learning and hands-on experience behind the wheel.

C & C Driver Training

Why Choose Us

Here at C&C Driver Training, we strive relentlessly to teach you things beyond regular traffic rules and the basic mechanics of driving. Our professional instructors combine years of industry experience and are committed to helping you become a safe driver for life.